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Krix Luther is a Fully Qualified Personal Trainer with over a decade of experience, he specializes in Strength and Conditioning and weight loss. Krix first came to Thailand in 2007 to further his career as a Professional Thai Boxer which he remained undefeated for 3 years till he retired in 2010. He retired so he could launch his personal training business here in Phuket. Krix utilises his passion for strength and his experience as a professional athlete to created exciting and modern workouts.

He teaches a lot of fitness classes on the island, his TRX classes are pretty popular and HIIT Workouts too. Krix also does a free beach boot camp workout on the island for anyone to attend. But in return, you must help him clean all the trash off the beach afterwards. He calls it “Clean The Beach Boot Camp

No matter what your level of Fitness, Krix can accommodate you in his training. If you prefer a private class, you can hire him to come to you and give you a personal workout from home or hotel.



Why Choose Krix?

There are many Personal Trainers in Phuket but Krix is one of the most successful and longest standing personal trainer on the island. Here are a few reasons as to why that might be:

Correctional Training

Krix has an eye for correctional training, he knows how important it is to get the basics right before pushing the clients into more advanced exercises and he has some awesome and fun ways to teach them.

Results Driven

Krix is one of those trainers who is very analytical. Your personal trainer can’t track your results if he isn’t writing anything down. Krix is meticulous about tracking your progress every session and displaying it in a way you can see and understand.

Teaching Style

Krix teaching style is very relaxed, long gone are the drill sergeant trainers that did more harm than good. Krix will give you a workout where you feel accomplished but still have the energy to complete the rest of your day.

Legitimate Trainer

You would this is a strange quality to mention. However, Phuket has become the Fitness Hub of South East Asia. Many people wanted to live the dream as a Fitness Instructor on a paradise island like Phuket. They are not Personal Trainers, not qualified, not insured or have work permits. Be careful of these people. They are known as “Tourist Trainers.” 

Krix has lived and worked in Phuket as a Personal Trainer for more than 13 years. He has set up his own Personal Training Business here on the island, with a full work permit and certifications.

Commonly Asked Question

Why DO I Need A Personal Trainer?

The IDEA (International Health and Fitness Association) released a statistic that found 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want? But out of the 25% of people who are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Personal Trainer. Personal Training gets results, and that’s why anyone can benefit from this personal attention. So if you want to really increase your fitness level, need the motivation to keep fit or want to look your best for a special occasion, consider working with a Krix.

The Environmentalist 

iBan Plastic &

Clean The Beach Boot Camp

“Burning fat is to the body what clearing trash is to the planet, both result in better health and better looks! A healthy body needs a healthy environment to live in.” – Krix Luther

In 2012 Krix came up with the idea of giving away free fitness classes on the beach in exchange for the guests helping him clean the beach. Krix was the first person in history to merge fitness and environment and it became an oustanding success. The inititive soon spread accross Thailand and then the world. Krix helped and trained other personal trainers to take on the project name “Clean The Beach Boot Camp“.

Years later, after the successful launch of CBBC, Krix founded a second organization to help with the environment called “iBan Plastic“. He felt the CBBC was very reactive… “There is trash on the beach. Let’s clean it. He wanted to do something more to prevent the trash from entering our oceans in the first place. This movement also spread globally and was a huge success.

Clean The Beach Boot Camp Videos

Check out some of the videos on the Clean The Beach Boot Camp or CBBC, as we call it for short. Some of these videos are spectacular and were created by some of the participants. For example, there are videos here of the special anniversary events Krix did to celebrate each passing year of the CBBC movement. He would hire a boat and take people to exotic islands like Racha Noi and Phi Phi island to do a free workout and clean up there. There is even a promo video here done by UNILAD Fitness, a huge Facebook page.



Krix is an avid free diver able to hold his breath for long periods of time and dive down to the depths of the ocean… Using nothing but a mask and snorkel. It’s one of his favourite things to do, and he travels the world free diving in some awesome places. You can see some of his free diving videos on his YouTube Channel.



Krix is an avid free diver able to hold his breath for long periods of time and dive down to the depths of the ocean… Using nothing but a mask and snorkel. Its one of his favourite things to do and he travels the world free diving in some awesome places. You can see some of his free diving videos on his YouTube Channel.

Cave Diving

Cave Diving is dangerous and its pretty much a suicide mission if you are doing it without any scuba diving gear. Krix has been known to free dive into caves finding air pockets along the way.

10 Minute Breath Hold

Krix once did a 10-minute breath-hold challenge to raise money for charity. His current record is 18 minutes which was more than David Blaine’s world record back in 2008.

Want to Join Him!

Krix often goes swimming in the ocean in his spare time and does the occasional snorkel/free dive. He knows all the best spots and you are more than welcome to join him.

Change in carreer


Krix had always been a gamer, from when he was young, playing the classics like Command & Conquer, Quake, Unreal etc. So he founded a gaming community called Salty Zombies.

During the pandemic, all the gyms in Phuket got closed, and when they reopened, not many people wanted to go to the gym for fear of the virus or could afford it. So, Krix decided to play games with his community and launched gaming servers worldwide. It wasn’t long before he ran the most popular RUST PVE and ARK PVE Servers in the world. After the lockdowns and the Covid situation had eased,

Krix decided not to return to Personal Training in Phuket. As time passed, his gaming community grew, and he expanded from one game in multiple locations worldwide to hosting 10+ games. He now hosts games such as 7 Days To Die, RUST, Ark Survival, SCUM, DayZ, Empyrion, Valhiem, Conan Exiles, Project Zomboid, Atlas and Minecraft.

Taken Over The Minecraft Scene In Asia.

Krix was never into Minecraft, but his community was and seeing as it is currently the most bought and played game in the world, he decided to add them to his repertoire of gaming servers. Within just a few months, they were voted the best Minecraft Java Server in the USA. But that was just the start. Since Krix started playing the game, it grew on him, so he branched out and started opening up Minecraft servers in Asia.

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