Author: Krix Luther

Benefits of Morning Walks

Top 10 Benefits of Morning Walks We all know the old proverb ‘health is wealth’. And the older we get, the more we agree with this age old saying. But health doesn’t come for free. You have to work for it – workout that is! The simplest, and most natural, workout of them all is […]

Top 5 Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling: An Old Trick, That Takes Your Fitness To New Heights. Are you aiming for that ultimate killer body? But maybe you also want an elite level of mobility, flexibility and range of motion? Here’s some good news for you. A secret massage technique, which professional coaches and therapists have practiced for many years, […]

spot reduction

Myth Buster: Spot Reduction

Myth Buster: “Spot Reduction” Spot Reduction Or Just Another Marketing Scam? Given the constant bombardment of ‘beauty’ by advertisers across the globe, many of us are sensitive about where the fat settled down in our body. Some would have liked their tummy to be more tucked in, or the thighs a bit more slender. The […]

Benefits of TRX

Benefits of TRX

My Top 3 Benefits of TRX Training Benefits of TRX Training from a Personal Trainers Perspective As one would expect, advertisers often take us a for a ride, and the health & fitness industry is no different. It is in fact, by now, quite infamous for promoting ‘latest breakthrough’ inventions, only to end up selling […]

Age Reversing Workouts

Age Reversing Workouts

Age Reversing Workouts Exercise -  The Secret To Staying Young And Fit Age Reversing Workouts History has been witness to all the different tactics people have tried over the ages in their effort to stay young. Since time immemorial, perhaps ever since men and women first saw their reflection, they have been fascinated and even [...]
best time to train

Myth Breaker: Best Time To Train

Best Time To Train Myth Breaker: When is the best time to train? Have you been pondering lately on whether you’re getting the most out of your workouts? It’s hard to get your fire burning while your bed is still warm, isn't it? Afternoons are for siestas, and evenings, well, when will you party then? [...]