Benefits of Yoga For Men

Benefits of Yoga For Men

The Top 10 Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Benefits of Yoga For Men

Benefits Of Yoga For Men

It is not very uncommon to find men shying away from signing up for yoga classes. Why is it so? Is it, perhaps because a yoga session doesn’t seem as intense as some of the gym sessions done by the heavyweights? Maybe some of the guys find it a bit intimidating, with all the flexibility yoga demands? However, all these aversions can be attributed to either lack of information or because of misinformation. The actual benefits of yoga for men, topple many such misunderstandings.

Contrary to what many believe, yoga does, in fact, help strengthen and build muscles. Regular yoga sessions also help your internal organs to function optimally, gets the blood pumping, keeps the heart healthy etc. And not just the physical, yoga has quite the holistic approach to fitness since it also ensures sound mental health. Chances are, once the men realise the true potential of practising yoga, they would in all probability start liking it for the fabulous result it provides.

Practising yoga helps provide an overall improvement in your life, and it does so in more than one way. If you’ve been sceptical about it till now, then here are the top 10 benefits of yoga for men, that might help change your mind…

Benefits Of Yoga For Men #1:

It Helps Increase Your Range Of Motion

It has been often witnessed in the gym how, many of the members have some favourite exercises such as bench press, that they stick to. The focus of their workouts being on certain target muscle groups like the abdomen, arms, shoulders etc. You know, the muscles that are easier to show off! In this process, however, they end up limiting the muscle movements, and not making use of and working out in all 3 Planes Of Motion which is required if your aim is overall fitness and not just a few bulging muscles here and there!

Practising yoga, on the other hand, provides a more overall working out of different muscle groups, while also improving your balance, coordination and flexibility. And contrary to popular belief, the benefits of yoga for men does include strengthening and building your muscles, but it does so, utilising the practitioners own body weight and resistance. Training in yoga also helps lengthen the muscles and tissues thereby increasing the blood flow and proving fresh oxygen that is much needed for the muscles to recover. Such an approach to training not only helps build your muscles but also brings about a vast improvement in your range of motion.

Benefits Of Yoga For Men #2:

It Helps Prevent Injuries

The lifestyle surrounding most men are such that it is quite prone to injuries. Whether it be sports or due to the long hours spent in front of the office desk, with probably an incorrect posture. However, there are ways to train your body in such a way that it prevents most injuries due to such a lifestyle, and the benefits of yoga, for men especially, makes it one of the most effective training methods to avoid injuries.

As we’d mentioned above, by lengthening the muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion, yoga helps to strengthen the joints, loosen up tight muscles and release strain. Yoga also improves balance and coordination, thereby increasing your awareness of the body. The enhanced awareness helps in reminding oneself to correct improper posture while also preventing many injuries from occurring. Additionally, avoiding these Common Fitness Mistakes will prevent any injuries from happening during your regular workouts.

Benefits Of Yoga For Men #3:

It Helps Improve Your Breathing

Although breathing is a natural act, most people do not do it correctly, failing to utilise close to 80% of their full capacity. Over time, this leads to numerous issues ranging from blood pressure to not getting proper sleep. Yoga, on the other hand, encourages deep and controlled breathing through a technique called “Pranayam”, that exercises your lungs, further improving its breathing capacity and also causes it to distribute more oxygen throughout the body.

While such breathing technique is encouraged throughout the yoga session, meditation is when one focuses specifically on deep breathing, filling up your lungs. And if you’re wondering, if it’s that beneficial, then these Physical Benefits Of Meditation will help clear those doubts. Pranayama along with the other exercises of yoga, also help to improve your cardiovascular health.

Benefits Of Yoga For Men #4:

It Helps To Boosts Your Immune System

People get sick all the time, spreading all sorts of viruses all around. Whether it’s the common cold or, God forbid, something nastier, the odds of getting exposed to one are pretty high. Luckily, practising yoga can actually bring about a cellular level change that helps boosts up your immunity and help you fight off most viruses.

The lymphatic system is where the white blood cells, needed to fight viruses, are produced. The various poses in yoga, causes muscles, especially in the arms and legs to contract, encouraging lymphatic fluids to move through, thus boosting up the body’s immunity.

Additionally, Pranayam, which we mentioned in the previous point, targets the bronchial passage, the nesting place for many viruses. The deep controlled breathing helps the respiratory tract to resist these lingering viruses and prevents you from getting sick. In a way, the various exercises and techniques are such that, by practising them regularly, yoga sort of, helps you become your own general physician.

Benefits Of Yoga For Men #5:

It Helps Reduce Your Stress Levels

The Stress Bucket Model, gives a very clear understanding of the importance of releasing stress, before well, your bucket overflows! And, yoga is one such, very effective, way to release stress. In fact, many of the benefits of yoga for men, that they experience in the workplace can be attributed to yoga’s effectiveness in stress release.

Did you know excess stress prohibits your bodies ability to produce testosterone?

By now, you know the effectiveness of yoga in maintaining a good heart rate, controlling blood pressure and keeping the respiratory tract healthy. This along with meditation, which has quite a calming effect, helps you prevent and fight stress.

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Benefits Of Yoga For Men #6:

It Helps You To Relax

It is obvious to see how, by promoting a lack of injuries, better breathing, increased immunity and low-stress levels, yoga helps you to relax fully. Some times, our lifestyle can get so hectic that one needs to give the body a break, and that means no gym either.

There is however good news for the fitness conscious. During such hectic times, yoga can still be helpful, and at the same time provide your muscles with the workout it needs.

Benefits Of Yoga For Men #7:

It Helps You Sleep Better

Isn’t it fun to see how all the benefits of yoga for men, seem to, nicely, fit together, each benefit complementing the next one. Since there have been a large number of reported cases of men experiencing sleep disturbances, sleep apnea or even insomnia, the good news for those men is that yoga can help you, once again, sleep like a baby!

From all the benefits mentioned above, it becomes clearer how performing those yoga asanas and meditation, helps you sleep better. Apart from the ease in falling asleep due to the physical and mental exertion caused by practising yoga, even the deep breathing technique and low-stress levels help you to get an undisturbed sleep through the night.

Benefits Of Yoga For Men #8:

It Helps Improve Your Sex Life

With the reduced stress levels and better sleep, men who practise yoga tend to have low anxiety levels as well. And since anxiety and stress are known deterrents when it comes to sexual performance, practising yoga can help improve the quality of your sexual encounters.

Research has even shown yoga to help reduce the chances of premature ejaculation, ensuring your happy time doesn’t get cut short! Add this to the improved range of motion, flexibility and increased blood flow and I’m sure you can see why those who practice yoga also claim to enjoy their sex life a lot.

Benefits Of Yoga For Men #9:

It Helps Develop A Balanced Body & Mind

Yoga helps to prepare your body to function optimally. By correcting your posture, preventing injuries, boosting your immunity etc., yoga ensures your physical health is top notch. However, yoga is not just concerned with your physical well being, it takes care of your mental health as well.

Yoga helps to relax and refresh the mind. The various deep breathing and meditation exercises, help improve your focus and awareness of the body and instils a sense of peace within. This way, yoga provides a very holistic approach to fitness and ensures sound physical and mental health among its practitioners.

Benefits Of Yoga For Men #10:

It Improves Your Productivity

Finally, the icing on the cake – regular yoga practise will boost up your productivity. First, physically, you’re in great shape! Correct posture, no injuries, high immunity etc. Also, with sound sleep, relaxed body, low-stress levels, great sex life etc., yoga ensures sound mental health as well. And when one can maintain a good, balanced physical as well as mental health, it will naturally, boost up productivity!

All the benefits of yoga for men that we’ve seen above makes it quite a comprehensive health package that aims to improve all aspects of your life, healthwise at least. Apart from clearing misunderstandings, that yoga does, in fact, help strengthen and build muscles, we have also seen how the other techniques and exercises of yoga can be beneficial for men. Excellent physical health, low stress, increased productivity at work, great sex and a good nights sleep – that’s a good life if you ask me, and that is what regular practise of yoga provides. If you still have any doubts, feel free to get in touch with me directly or start a discussion using the comment section below. And if you know of any male colleague or friend who tends to shy away, even from the idea of yoga, share this article with them – maybe it’ll help shift their perspective and see the many benefits, yoga has for men!

Krix Luther Administrator
Krix Luther is a Health and Fitness Specialist and one of Asia’s leading Personal Trainers. If you are interested in training with him you can join him on his Fitness & Yoga Holiday Program in Phuket, Thailand.
Krix Luther Administrator
Krix Luther is a Health and Fitness Specialist and one of Asia’s leading Personal Trainers. If you are interested in training with him you can join him on his Fitness & Yoga Holiday Program in Phuket, Thailand.

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