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Yoga for Martial Arts

Practice Yoga For Martial Arts Have you ever considered practising yoga as a complimentary fitness system to your martial arts training? If you think it’s a weird combination since one seems to be combative while the other a more peaceful and meditative system, well then, you’re either quite new to martial arts or lack the […]

Benefits of Yoga For Men

Benefits of Yoga For Men

The Top 10 Benefits Of Yoga For Men Benefits Of Yoga For Men It is not very uncommon to find men shying away from signing up for yoga classes. Why is it so? Is it, perhaps because a yoga session doesn’t seem as intense as some of the gym sessions done by the heavyweights? Maybe […]

10 Components of Fitness

The 10 Components of Fitness   What are the 10 Components of Fitness? Not so long ago if I was to ask a random stranger “Who do you think the fitness person in the world is?” they would think for a moment and then reply… “a Tri-Athlete” or “Marathon Runner” or “Iron Men” however the […]

Foam Roling Lower Back

What Is Foam Rolling?

What Is Foam Rolling? Foam Rolling: An Old Trick, That Takes Your Fitness To New Heights. Are you aiming for that ultimate killer body? But maybe you also want an elite level of mobility, flexibility and range of motion? Here’s some good news for you. A secret massage technique, which professional coaches and therapists have […]

Benefits of Float Therapy

Benefits of Float Therapy

Benefits Of Float Therapy: A Sensory Deprivation Technique To Improve Your Physical & Mental Health Float therapy, also known as REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy), is an alternative healing method. And as the acronym suggests, among the other benefits of float therapy, is the feeling of being completely rested and rejuvenated. The concept of float […]

Is a Personal Trainer Worth It

Is a Personal Trainer Worth it?

Is a Personal Trainer Worth It? How A Personal Trainer Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Gym Membership Paying for a personal trainer, in addition to the not-so-cheap gym membership, hangs quite a heavy doubt in front of most first timers, i.e., Do I really need a personal trainer? Or it might […]

Benefits of morning walk snow

Benefits of Morning Walks

Top 10 Benefits of Morning Walks We all know the old proverb ‘health is wealth’. And the older we get, the more we agree with this age old saying. But health doesn’t come for free. You have to work for it – workout that is! The simplest, and most natural, workout of them all is […]

Benefits of Foam Rolling

Top 5 Benefits of Foam Rolling

My Top 10 Benefits of Foam Rolling 10 Benefits Of Foam Rolling “A simple way to improve your form using foam!” After any sort of physical activity, especially a good workout session, the muscles tend to contract and tighten up. If these muscles don’t release fully, it can lead to knots and adhesions being formed […]

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Top 5 Physical Benefits of Meditation Practice Physical Benefits of Meditation by Tobi Warzinek – In this article, I’m going to focus on how Meditation and mind training can change our body in amazing ways. I will explore some solid evidence that shows how Mindfulness might be just what our body really needs. It is […]

spot reduction

Myth Buster: Spot Reduction

Myth Buster: “Spot Reduction” Spot Reduction Or Just Another Marketing Scam? Given the constant bombardment of ‘beauty’ by advertisers across the globe, many of us are sensitive about where the fat settled down in our body. Some would have liked their tummy to be more tucked in, or the thighs a bit more slender. The […]