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What is Discord?

Ever had a Whatapp group between friends or family? Or maybe a Facebook messager telegraph group? We all had some point and probably still do a bunch of people in a singular chatting app and it gets crazy. 2 or 3 people get off on a crazy conversation and it drowns the rest of the group in notifications. In the end, we just turn off the group notifications or we leave the group and missout on what was said or arranged.

Discord is like a group chat app but designed in the perfect way to hold 100,000’s of people but without disturbing each other. You can customize the notifications to where no one you won’t get notified unless someone is talking to you or a particular subject particular channel.

Fitness Discord

I have created a Fitness Discord server that’s dedicated to anything and everything to do with health and fitness. Join my Discord channel and get involved with a community of like-minded people. From Yogis, Nutritionists and Trainers all able and willing to support you on your journey to become a better you.

Our Experts

Popular Trainers

Krix’s fitness discord channel has numerous experts on the subject of health, wellness, yoga, nutrition, strength, bodybuilding etc. If you have questions then we have the answers, come join the fitness discord, make new friends and keep yourself motivated and inspired.


  • No racist or sexist remarks.
  • No self-promoting or similar services.
  • No advertising other discord channels.
  • No nudity/vulgar/obscene pictures/memes/videos

Strength Training

“You got strength questions and I got your mother F***ing answers” – Elliot Hules. He isn’t in our fitness discord yet but we have other experts that can help you.


Chat about Yoga with our experts, have a question about a particular posture? Then join the Fitness Discord to find out.


Join our fitness discord and talk to world-leading nutritional therapist Craig Burton. Specializing in hormonal therapy and nutritional wellness.

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