My Top 5 TRX Alternatives

Just as effective but lighter on the wallet!

TRX Alternatives

So you’re looking for cheaper TRX alternatives? – TRX an innovative fitness-equipment that is portable, easy to set up and provides for some very effective training. This means, no more looking for a good gym around the block or fancy workout equipment. It is time effective and considering what you save on the gym membership fee, and it is cost-effective as well. However, since “TRX” has become a well-known brand now, it does come with a price tag that some people might find a bit too steep. But if the cost is the problem, then there are TRX alternatives available in the market, that cost much lower but are just as reliable.

TRX has gained so much popularity, that if you’ve been into fitness, then surely you’ve heard of its name. And if you’ve been curious but never got started with TRX considering its cost,  then let me throw some light over what it is, and what other budget-friendly TRX alternatives are out there.

What Is TRX?

Short for “Total Resistance Exercises”, TRX is a type of suspension training kit. Using elastic straps, hooks, handles, etc., it can be easily set up at home, or even while travelling. TRX helps you build fitness in multiple areas such as core strength, balance, flexibility etc. using body weight and gravity. It has been designed following extensive research with the help of coaches, athletes, military and academic institutions. TRX has plenty of advantages to justify the popularity it has gained. Here are just a few of them:

  • Can be used by literally everyone
  • Can be used anywhere – at home or while travelling
  • No need for gym subscriptions for building and toning your body
  • Helps correct the incorrect posture acquired from daily life
  • TRX is also fun!!

Of course, I have merely skimmed over the details of TRX here. If you would like to know more, my previous article on the Benefits of TRX will give you more information and why you should give this innovative fitness equipment a try.

What is the drawback of TRX?

It is expensive!! But don’t let that get you down. There are quite a few reliable TRX alternatives available in the market made by different reputed fitness product manufacturers. Mentioned below are 5 such TRX alternatives which I found to be as effective as the original. Read on to find out which one best fits your budget.


Below are my top 5 TRX alternatives, each one has its own niche, its own pros and cons. So, have a read and whichever one suits your needs. Also note that due to the COVID 19 outbreak, a lot of these are sold out already. If you’re stuck at home during the lockdown then don’t hesitate to buy one of these TRX alternatives, do it now!

Thysol – First choice of TRX alternatives

Although lower cost is not the primary feature of this TRX alternative, which costs only slightly less than the original, other factors make Thysol one of the most popular TRX alternatives online. This TRX alternative has two independent straps instead of the single strap system used in TRX.

It also has rigid plastic stirrups instead of the simple D-rings used in the original. The Thysol’s split anchor design allows you to adjust the force exerted on the body by quickly changing the anchor width.

Additionally, it comes with 2 strap-end adjusters, 2 non-scuff door anchors, an easy-in-foot cradle design, and a cam buckle that can be used to change the strap length from 16″ to 94″ within seconds. The Thysol costs $45 to $99. It’s not the cheapest TRX alternative, but I see it on sale for $65 almost all the time.

KEAFOLS Suspension Trainer TRX alternative

The Keafols suspension trainer compromises on cost but not on quality. It comes with extremely sturdy, military-grade nylon suspension straps made using strong stitching, robust hardware and very comfortable grips. These features provide much stability and depth, allowing you to improve your performance level during suspension training.

The straps are easy to adjust lengthwise, set up & use, and travel with. To remove all traces of doubt, Keafols come with a lifetime free replacement guarantee and a 90-day money-back option. Impressed? You can order one for half the price of a TRX – Between $35 to $51.99, depending on the sale.

NOSSK – The Environmentally Friendly TRX Alternative

The Nossk suspension trainer has been designed for durability, comfort, and versatility while also making efforts to be an environmentally friendly product. Made using first-grade US military webbing, it comes with silicone rubber sleeve grips that are strong yet comfortable and even have integrated foot loops.

These loops are made using premium quality material that prevents the loop from rubbing when used, for example, on a bar. The pair of door anchors part of the package comes padded to be directly used on a door without needing more hardware. As we mentioned earlier, Nossk does act in an environmentally friendly way by doing no-non-sense shipping of just what you need.

Top-quality fitness gear: no fancy box, DVDs or excess wraps. Nossk does not contribute to the already infamous plastic packaging industry. With a one-year warranty, the Noosk suspension trainer is a TRX alternative worth considering!

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT – Quality Driven TRX Alternative

In the last 29 years, Lifeline Jungle Gym has established itself as an industry leader that offers the highest-quality fitness products, providing a complete fitness solution at home. Following the idea that knowledge is power, Lifeline Jungle Gym also seeks to integrate its products with professional training material from fitness experts.

Revo Wayflex’s primary endeavour has been to create top-quality fitness products and promote a healthy lifestyle, which includes nutrition, health, and wellness. The Lifeline Jungle Gym package includes two handles, door anchors, two ankle cradles, a mesh travel bag, and a fitness training manual to help you get going with the Lifeline Jungle Gym.To ensure that anyone with the will can achieve complete fitness, the Lifeline Jungle Gym is a TRX alternative that is very affordable.

PEXFT – The Cheapest and most durable TRX Alternative

Here’s another TRX alternative that focuses on durability and affordability. The PEXFT Bodyweight Resistance Trainer bands are made of premium natural latex, which gives them high elasticity. They also have protective anti-snap nylon sleeves that stop the Resistance tube from ageing.

The PEXFT Bodyweight Resistance Trainer uses unique 4pcs elastic bands that weigh about 35 pounds while stretching. This is unlike the common practice of using bands with varying pounds, which can cause injury. Speaking about injuries, you must be doing your fitness training right. Many people tend to commit common fitness mistakes, even in gyms.

It is, therefore, always a good idea to seek the guidance of a fitness expert before you start training on your own. However, the 4 resistance bands designed to prevent injuries and an extremely economical price make PEXFT the most affordable TRX alternative that does not compromise product quality.

TRX Accessory Alternatives

TRX doesn’t just do suspension training straps, they have added more workout equipment to their arsenal. 1 item the RIP trainer is another original design by TRX, it’s a great addition to the franchise. The other items, however, are quite common pieces of workout equipment just branded with the TRX logo. Together they all make quite a professional and comprehensive set… But come with the TRX price. Below is the cheaper TRX alternatives to the accessories starting with their second original piece, the RIP trainer.

TRX RIP Trainer Alternative

So, the TRX RIP Trainer is a great workout piece. It works on the idea of asymmetrical loading, meaning it pulls on one side whilst you are trying to do a regular exercise. This entices your core to engage and keeps you in the correct position during the movement. Using the core in this type of transversal movement plane is excellent, very functional and can be easily set up at home, just like the TRX suspension straps. However, the TRX RIP trainer is nearly $200, but there is a cheaper alternative that does the same thing called the SKLZ chop bar, and it’s usually less than $40 on Amazon.

The other TRX accessory alternatives. 

These TRX alternatives are just other pieces of functional training equipment branded as TRX, they are great additions to the TRX suspension straps and some can be used at the same time to enhance the workout. Or they can be put together to create a pretty fun workout using all the equipment. 

Slam Ball

Resistant bands


Well, that’s my recommendation for a decent but cheaper TRX alternative. I hope it helps you and saves you a few $$$ here and there. If you have any other questions then feel free to DM me on Instagram and I will get back to you.

Krix Luther


Krix Luther is a Health and Fitness Specialist and one of Asia’s leading Personal Trainers. He is an Ex Professional Muay Thai fighter and Avid Free Diver. At the same time, he is very active, has a passion for gaming, and has his own Twitch stream. You can contact him via his Instagram if you have any questions.

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