Benefits of wearing a sauna suit while exercising

benefits of wearing a sauna suit while exercising

Benefits of a sauna suit

I bet you probably don’t believe in any of those fitness scams. No fancy gizmo or pills that magically make you lose weight without any side effects. Why, then, will you be interested in the best sauna suits? Before you pass your judgment on Sauna Suits, let me tell you that it is neither a hoax nor an easy way out of training.

Heck, there’s a good reason you spend all those hours training and sweating it out! And speaking of sweating, how about a method of training that’ll help you burn even more calories with your current routine? The best sauna suits discussed in this article help you do just that. Curious now? Read on.

What Is A Sauna Suit

Sauna suits are a form of clothing to be worn while training. It is designed to increase body heat, causing you to sweat more and aiding in weight loss. The fabric used for making sauna suits is of a waterproof material, which increases heat retention. They are also called “rubber suits” since rubber was the primary material used to make sauna suits in the past. Things have changed since then, and rubber has been replaced with PVC and nylon.

The sauna suit design usually consists of drawstring pants and a pullover jacket, which can be tightened. Also, the ankles, waist, wrist, and neck are made of elastic material, all of which help to retain body heat. This causes you to sweat and burn more calories. Athletes, boxers, MMA fighters, etc., often use a sauna suit for training to lose weight, especially before a competition.

As a former Muay Thai boxer, I successfully used the sauna suit to cut weight before a competition. So you see, the Sauna suit tends to work because there is valid science behind it. The latest research in the field has improved performance, such as higher VO2 max among athletes who train using sauna suits. If you’ve gotten curious, then here are some of the advantages of training with  Sauna Suits

6 Benefits of Sauna Suits:


  • It Helps You Lose Weight
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Boosts Your Immunity
  • Aids In Muscle Growth
  • Decreases Muscle Soreness

So If You’re Training For Weight Loss, Here Are Some Of The Best Sauna Suits To Help You Sweat It Out!

RAD Neoprene Sauna Suit

RAD Neoprene Sweat Suit is a unisex sauna suit. Its custom-fit design makes it comfortable gym wear for both men & women.

Features Of RAD Neoprene Sauna Suit

  • The RAD sauna suit uses 3mm extreme Flex DS Neoprene and holds a pleasant warmth. As the body heat increases, the DS Neoprene also becomes warm. 
  • The pleasant warmth it holds in helps you to be more physically relaxed while training, thereby improving performance.
  • The Flex Neoprene is exceptionally stretchy and super strong, enabling freedom of movement. It also fits snugly while conforming to the main body parts making it suitable for fitness training activities.
  • The additional flatlock seams and anatomical design further ensure freedom of movement, making it a good choice for martial arts training.
  • The zipper up front makes it easy to wear or take off the RAD sauna suit.
  • It is hand washable making it easy to maintain.
  • It’s available in Red, Black & Blue colours.

HOTSUIT Sauna Suit For Men

Professional athletes and boxers initially used sauna suits as part of a weight-loss system before competitions. However, back then, sauna suits lacked style and sufficient research. The Hotsuit sauna suit makes up for both these shortcomings. Check out its features below to know what makes Hotsuit one of the best sauna suits.

Features Of Hotsuit Sauna Suits For Men

  • The Hotsuit sauna suit is made using wear-resistant màterial – Silver Heat REG V1.0. This reflects the body heat causing you to sweat up to 5 times more and in turn burn more calories!
  • The material used is lightweight and anti-rip. This enables you to perform all training movements freely.
  • The Hotsuit has a close cuff design that is very effective in retaining more body heat.
  • The waterproof and windproof material used for the hot suit is comfortable to be worn in all seasons.
  • The Hotsuit pants contain two pockets which can be quite handy and a drawstring making it even more comfortable to work out in.
  • The Hotsuit sauna suit is much more comfortable compared to the cheaper neoprene sauna suits that flood the market. It is also made using an odour-free fabric and a sweat-absorbent t-shirt which is perfect for the sweaty gym environment.
  • The fashionable Hotsuit design keeps you looking good even while sweating it out.
  • You can choose from the Half-open zipper or Round-neck design.

HOTSUIT Sauna Suit For Women

Of course, when it comes to good fashion and design, then there’s no market without women! Along with all of the technical features and specifications mentioned above, the Hotsuit sauna suit for women has a few more additional features made especially for women.

Additional Features Of Hotsuit For Women 

  • The cap brim is designed using elastic binding and windproof material that prevents it from dripping down while training.
  • The black jacket of the hotsuit comes with a luminous logo that aids in your safety while going back home after a late training session or an evening run.
  • You can choose from the round-neck, long open zipper or half-open zipper design.

BOXRAW Hagler Professional Sauna Suit Top & Bottoms

This sauna suit is for those who are into some serious training routine to cut weight. Well, this one is for all those into a severe training routine aimed at cutting weight. The BOXRW Hagler sauna suit is superbly lightweight and rigid, made using premium nylon, making it a good choice for boxers and MMA fighters doing intense training to lose weight.

Features Of Boxraw Hagler Sauna Suit

  • It has rubberized velcro straps that minimise heat loss
  • The cuffs, neckline and waistline are elasticated to increase heat retention.
  • Wrist strap that is adjustable and also provides good wrist support.
  • It is made of super-tough anti-rip material
  • Its stylish, waterproof and has convenient trouser pockets designed with headphone holes.

KEBILI Sauna Suit Women Weight Loss Gym

Here’s a very cool looking and super effective sauna suit for women. The Kebili sauna suit with a round-neck design helps you get the effect of 2 hours of training in just 30 minutes!

Features Of Kebili Sauna Suit:

  • With over 3 decades of design experience using ergonomic design patterns, the Kebili sauna suit gives you very sleek, stylish and effective workout gear.
  • It uses a premium fabric that has 4-way stretchability which keeps you comfortable even during intense workout sessions such as training for UFC or even yoga.

Although sauna suits were not standard workout gear and were only used by athletes, boxers etc., to lose weight quickly, it has become quite common. You can easily find one at sports stores or order one from Amazon! However, before you get too excited about the benefits of the best sauna suits mentioned above, you should be aware of certain risks such intense workouts also carry. Safety and efficiency are some of the benefits of a personal trainer.

The elevated body heat and profuse sweating caused by using a sauna suit can lead to dehydration and other complications. Overtraining under such circumstances can have severe effects on your health. Now you don’t want to lose more than just some weight, do you? If you’re down in Phuket, training for MMA etc. and need help with the sauna suit, drop me a line, and I’ll gladly help you out.

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