So you are looking for some cool gifts for a personal trainer? Perhaps you would like a gift for your trainer as a thank you or a Christmas/birthday present? Well, you are in luck because I have been a Personal Trainer my entire life, so I know what we like, want and need, and it’s not always what you think.

People are different. We have different preferences, different likes and dislikes. Same with personal trainers. But how do you know what type of gift to get your trainer?

Figuring out what gift to buy your trainer can be tricky, but you can match the present to their teaching style. Are they meticulous in the methods? Are they fun and coming up with crazy ideas?

Personal Training sessions can get just that “Personal”, not in an unprofessional way, but you can tell each other things you wouldn’t say to anyone else. Like therapy, you will know what gift to get them.

I have organized this article into different categories:

  • Funny Personal Trainer Gifts Ideas
  • Cheap Personal Trainer Gifts Ideas – $0 – $50
  • Mid-Price Personal Trainer Gift Ideas – $50 – $100
  • Expensive Personal Trainer Gift Ideas – $100+

Then at the end, is the top #1 gift of all time for a personal trainer… Well, that’s a lie. It’s just the best fitness gift I would buy myself if money were no object. I would probably buy 2 in case I lost one.


So we are starting out with the funny personal trainer gifts. These a pretty cool and might require a certian level of humor and relationship between you and them. Choose wisly as they might be funny personal training gifts in your eyes but maybe offensive in theirs. Unlikely though…


First but certinaly not the worst is the Guns Mug. This is a great gift for a personal trainers wheather they are male or female. We all love our coffees and the holistic versions of us thrive on herbal teas. This guns mug is for sure going to be a favourite and first mug we want to use in the morning. The other awesome thing about this mug is thats its HUGE! its 24oz mug which is twice the size of your average coffee mug. So we are going to appreciated the extra fluid intake, whethers its coffee, water, or tea. You know what… I might just buy this for myself now!


If someone gave me this as a funny personal trainers gift I would actually laugh very hard but a little bit of me would die inside as well lol… I would think “Is there some hint or some truth in this gift?” “We still training on Monday right or…?” We may seem super confident but we all have our insecurities. I haven’t read the book, I do believe its real and genuinely from the “For Dummies” collection. Give this to funny gift to your personal trainer if you know they are sure about themselves. Also, be prepared for the hardest workout of your life in your next session. You can also get it as a parting gift to a personal trainer you found was useless or a personal trainer you hate. That will be super funny for you but not them. 😀


I personally have no idea where in the gym or for what exercise someone might use these for, besides what you are already thinking. These are listed on Amazon as “wrist and ankle home gym set”. Its more likely you would be buying this gift for your personal trainer because its something you want them to use with you. This gift might be one of those gifts that can be taking wrongly, or perhapes the exact message you want to give and its more like a hint.



These personal trainer gifts are great little accessories for your trainer. They can aid them in their workouts or in the personal life and they wont burn a hole in your pocket. Because quite frankly they have probably already done that for you.


The modern-day bum bag, if you are old enough to remember them, these are cool though. If your personal trainer likes to run outside this will be a nice gift for them. Its also a great utility belt for being in the gym. Some personal trainers use their phone during a session for various reasons. I know I used mine as a big display timer for clients classes. But I didn’t like having my phone in my pocket along with my wallet or keys nor did I trust the security of some of the gym locker rooms. So a utility belt like this would be ideal.


I personally love this one, I was always the type of trainer that loved the numbers and the stats, mesuring every way of progress. But I never liked using Apps, I used to try using Apps to record my progress and the progress of clients, even trying to find apps to organize myself. Scehdudling apps, todo list apps etc. But I always went back to the pen and paper (I actually like to still use a pencil) If your coach or personal trainer is maticulious at keep records then they will love this gift.


Another cool gift for a pesonal trainer is the gift of massive amounts of water ? – As a trainer we always preach about the beifits of healthy living. If your Personal Trainer is a preacher then this is the ideal gift for them. A huge water bottle that use through out the day without fillin it up. Its also great but its huge, loud and definatly makes a statments when they walk around the gym with this gallon size water bottle. It comes in 3 different sized and almost every colour you can think of.


This makes a great gift for a personal trainer who sweats alot. I like using my own towel in the gym, I know its clean and its been washed well. This towel here is also spesficly design to be light but absorbe alot making it the ideal gym towel. You could also buy one for your self and then you will have matching gym towels, they would love that in no way what so ever.


These wireless and waterproof earpuds are great gift for a personal trainer who likes to exercises outside alot. Bring waterproof they can be used to swim with or run in the rain with. Also being earpuds that are designed for sports they will be comfortble and grip well, the best part is thery are fairly cheap and come highly recommended on amazone with 1,000 of 5 star reviews. Job Done!


The is one of my favourites presents for a personal trainer. We all like and know some card games and a card deck nearby is also required. But these cards not only are normal playing cards, but have workouts on each one. So they get 52 different workouts they can use anywhere at any time. These make for great travelling gifts as well.


Any good personal trainer should be able to use Body Fat Calipers to messure their clients body fat percentage. But most gyms only have the cheapo plastic ones if they have any at all. Buying your personal trainer this gift would be extreamly useful to them. Its more accuarte messurements, its easier to use and its their own personal one that they can take around with them. If they have never heard of body fat calipers I would fire them and get a new trainer.


We all know those personal trainer that forever preach about the days when we were cavemen and cavewomen and we had to be functional to surivie, 7 primal movement, palio diet etc etc. These trainers deep down always think about post apocolyptic synarios. Wondering if all our convenances of the modern world were to disappear how would we survivor, who would surivie. They may not be Bear Grills survialiest but they would think this personal training gift is absolutly awesome. They may even try camping in their back garden and using some of the tools whilst their triple pepperoni and cheese pizza is in the oven.


Lets start of with one of the coolest gifts for a personal trainer, these workout dice are both fun for the trainer and you. Although you might regret buying them this gift, if the like it to much you might end up being on the recieving end of the game. They work like normal dice, except they are obviously not your usual cubed shape but they are pentegon cubed shaped. Each side representing an exercise and a number of reps or time to which is requied to complete the exercise.


A box of protein bars? You may be thinking this is a bit cliche for a gift for a personal trainer but actually its pretty ideal. We are always on the move during our work hours and sometimes we miss our “time to eat” window. Or sometimes we are late and don’t want to eat so close to a fitness class or PT session. So having a couple of protein bars handy is always something we can appreciate. Saves having to buy them off our gym for extortionate prices.


Every personal trainer in their fitness journey has bought an Ab Roller, its a crazy cool ab workout and the Carver Pro is the best on the market. Buying this gift for your personal trainer is going to put a smile on their face. It’s a novelty item that they reminisce about using and will inspire them to use again when they are bored at home. Be sure to give it to them at the end of your workout or they will including in today’s session.


First of all, every trainer needs a decent gym bag, strong, durable and big as it will be hauled around all the time.. Secondly, this is one is Under Armour, every personal trainer loves Under Armour. Its a huge fitness clothing brand and with quite the prestigious reputation. So, not only will they love this fitness gift but they will find it very useful and will be using it every day.


So you have been working with your personal trainer for a long time and you are happy with the results. You feel they have gone above and beyond for you in making sure you achieve your goals. And your thinking you want to give your fitness coach and awesome present. Well here are the more pricers gifts for a personal trainer.


ah, the classic weighted running vest! When these bad boys first came out they were all the craze, I bought one and got extra weights for them. The entire lot cost me more then £120 and I throw in the extra weights making its an crazy 20kg heavy running vest. I only weight 72kgs at the time. Now that I think about it, its probably why my knees hurt so much today. Anyway, these things are pretty popular today and great gift for your fitness trainer to increase intencity of body weight workouts or added calorie burn on a hike/walk. I used to talk around with it all day sometimes and at the end of the day when I took it off, I felt like I could fly.


Your probably thinking what kinda stupid personal training gift idea is this. Well most personal trainers including myself have the odd injury here and there, most of us good ones compete in a sport professionally or used to. Over the years of damaging our bodies from trial and error, from time to time our old injuries can flare up. Or you might even have a trainer who wears a regular knee or wrist support. Whatever their injury maybe, going out and buying one of these gifts for your personal trainer will being a little tear to their eye. Specially if their wearing an old warn out one thats turned more into a pyscological support then physical one. (it happens) Go buy them the best, strongest most expensive one you can find. They will absolutly love it.


This one is by far the coolest and most useful gift for a personal trainer you will find. A busy personal trainer will always have to meal prep and carry the entire days worth of food around with them. They will try to eat between clients in the gym and having a nice hygienic bag to keep it all in and organized is a godsend. If your personal trainer practically lives in the gym, then this is the best personal training gift you could ever give them.


Thats not its real name but its what it does. People are starting to realise the importance of standing correctly and having a good posture. This little device is great little present for a personal trainer that does alot of sitting down. People think as personal trainers we are all ways active and running around 24/7, but in reality, we have alot of homework. Some of us are forever studying and learning new things to better our knowledge of the human body. This invovles us being at the computer alot and yes, we get tired to and start to slouch and have bad posture. If your fitness trainer does alot of computer work then buy one of these from them. They attach this little device to the top part of the back and when they slouch it beeps. Simplezzz


What is a Foam Roller? If you don’t know then your fitness trainer isn’t very good and you definatly shouldn’t buy them this. ? Good personal trainers knows that recovery is just as important as the workouts. We use Foam rollers on a regular bases after our workouts to help speed up recovery and reduce DOMS (Delayed onset muscle sorness) This present is the top of the line foam roller that vibrates to get deeper into the muscle tissue. If your personal trainer trains alot then this is the ideal gift for them.


Now these next gifts for a personal trainer are pretty pricey. So either your super rich or your married to them or you want to be married to them. Some of these higher end gifts will put a huge smile on their face and its for sure something they will use every single day. And every time they do, they will be thinking of you.

Garmin Fenix 6


Bowflex Selected Tech Adjustable Dumbbells


This is the ultimate gift you can give any persona trainer! No, I am lying, this is my personal ultimate gift. I am not a materialist person. If I had a bajillion dollars and could buy any watch in the world, I wouldn’t buy one of those fancy $3 bajillion pure gold covered in pure diamond watches like a lot of celebrities have. I would simply buy this one or maybe 2 to be spoilt. Its basically 2 of my passions rolled into one and done really well at that.

Its a fitness watch with all trimmings and technology as well as an advance Diving computer. They called the Garmin Descent MKI, Garmin are known to doing the best fitness watches but never before done a diving watch and no one has ever put the 2 together in one single watch. So for them to do so and do it really well is amazing and it looks like a nice watch you can wear for any occasion. Some of the cheaper diving computers (watches) are huge and bulky. So a gift like this would be insane but it’s of an insane price and the most expensive personal training gift idea in this article.

Krix Luther


Krix Luther is a Health and Fitness Specialist and one of Asia’s leading Personal Trainers. He is an Ex Professional Muay Thai fighter and Avid Free Diver. At the same time, he is very active, has a passion for gaming, and has his own Twitch stream. You can contact him via his Instagram if you have any questions.

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