The Essential No Fap Supplements

No Fap Supplements

NoFap Supplements for the nofap challenge.

NoFap Supplements is probably a strange title for me to write about. However, a guy DM’ed me this question on my Instagram. It all started when he read my article about the theory of masturbation or sex before training. I mention in the article about why my coaches said I couldn’t do this before a Muay Thai fight. Other trainers also insist about not doing it before any competitive sport that required a certain level of physical prowess. I talked about the physiological and psychological effects it has on the athlete. In short, I said sustaining from masturbating or sex for 3 weeks prior to competition will see a slight increase in testosterone.  But nothing significant, but I did mention that research has shown, that sustaining from sexual activity for 2 or 3 months and beyond will lower your testosterone levels.

This is where the question comes in, the guy who DM’ed me on Instagram told me he was doing a 1-year Nofap challenge. “Fap” is the internet slang term for masturbating. So the guy is trying to go an entire year without masturbating, but he also opening mentioned he doesn’t have a girlfriend and isn’t the type of guy who gets laid much. He likes to go to the gym and exercise but he is worried if the no fap challenge will lowing his testosterone levels and effecting his gym gains.

What is the Nofap Challenge?

I didn’t know this was a thing, but there is a huge community out there of guys and girls who don’t masturbate. Far as I am aware it’s not inspired by religious beliefs but from a health and wellness aspect. A lot of studies and research has been done that connects depression with regularly watching of porn and masturbating. They also list a wealth of benefits to not masturbating, physically and mentally, similar to my “no sex before a fight” article. But there are concerns in the males about loss of testosterone production for those who are not having sex. Or to those purest of the no fap challenge who believe in withholding from sex as well.

 “What’s supplements would I recommend to counter the lowering of testosterone… as in Nofap supplements?”

There are a few “Nofap supplements” as he calls it that can help your body’s production of testosterone. But I am not going to link any “body building” dodgy chemical shit storm type of supplements that might end up doing more damage then good. I will give you a list of natural supplements you can get on amazon from recommended brands where I know its of good quality. I will also list the scientific research from pubmed to prove that these supplements work.

First Things First

Before we start though, you might be interested to know there are 2 types of testosterone counts. Normal levels of testosterone and “Free Testosterone”. One measures how much you testosterone you have the other (free testosterone) is a measurement of how much your body actually uses. One side effect of regular masturbation was the lowering of your androgen receptors, which helps your body utilise testosterone. These nofap supplements will either effect your body’s production of testosterone or its ability to use the testosterone.


Whilst you are on this no fap mission, you will be doing more activities. You will probably be going to the gym, training extra hard and concentrating on improving yourself as a man. However, something I recommend that’s nothing to do with the no fap supplements you will need is the Exipure. Exipure is a breakthrough weight loss solution that targets the root cause of belly fat.

Now, I am not saying you can take this, sit on your ass, and do nothing to lose fat. But, this is something that aids fat burning up to 728%. And I recommend taking it whilst you are on your no fap mission to make use of the extra energy you’ll have.


Calcium is one of those nofap supplements that will effect both your body’s production of testosterone and free testosterone. The research involved 3 groups of males, 1 group took 35mg of calcium per kg of body weight and no exercise. Group 2 took the same amount of calcium and did 90 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. The 3rd group took no calcium supplements but also did 90 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. Group 1 and 2 showed identical increases in testosterone levels.


Next one on the nofap supplements list is Zinc, Zinc is probably a supplement most people could do with anyway. It’s a key ingredient that cells use to metabolise nutrients and is common in most adults. A lack of Zinc in men can cause erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s also great to take with magnesium which is the next one on the nofap supplements list. If you are training regularly these two will help muscle recovery and soreness of the muscle. Research.


3rd on the nofap supplements list is Magnesium. The research done on this is very similar to the one on calcium. They took 3 groups of me and gave them 10 mg magnesium per kilogram bodyweight. 1 group did no exercise, 2nd group did 90 minutes of training a day and the 3rd group also did 90 minutes of training a day but didn’t take any Magnesium. The study found that both groups that took the magnesium had an increase in testosterone whilst the 3rd didn’t. It also worth to note in this experiment the group that trained high better results. Research

Vitamin B6

The vitamins B’S are an important class of vitamins that help support the red blood cells and the nervous system. Studies on this are extensive and the research is an interesting read. B6 has been known to help you increase testosterone and growth hormone (HGH). These are two very powerful anabolic hormones that will help you in your training. 

Vitamin D3

Another vitamin for your nofap supplement collection, vitamin D3. According to the research here, vitamin D3 targets the tissue of the reproductive tract. It also has a lot of past data from previous studies relating it to testosterone levels in men. Some studies show taking regular vitamin D supplements can increase your testosterone levels by 20%. You can also get Vitamin D from sun exposure, so if your one of the lucky ones living in a place with a decent summer, take full advantage of it.

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng has been called the “King of all herbs” and when it comes to anything to do with sex, it is definitely the kings of all herbs. Ginseng has been known to an aphrodisiac, helps with testosterone production and infertility problems in adults. Its also been known to help with erectile dysfunction (ED) as well as emphasise sexual behaviours. This is definitely a nofap supplement you want to be taking during your challenge.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Other things you can do to increase testosterone.

Exercise is a good one obviously and might be something that’s part of your nofap challenge. But some exercises are better than others in this. Example, HIIT Training has been known to increase testosterone levels by triggering the neuroendocrine response. Getting good sleeping habits helps and lowering your stress levels to reduce cortisol is also a big helper in keeping your testosterone levels up.

Krix Luther


Krix Luther is a Health and Fitness Specialist and one of Asia’s leading Personal Trainers. He is an Ex Professional Muay Thai fighter and Avid Free Diver. At the same time, he is very active, has a passion for gaming, and has his own Twitch stream. You can contact him via his Instagram if you have any questions.

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