Smart Goals for Weight Loss

Paving The Way To Your Ultimate Weight Loss Dreams

Have you ever come across folks who claim to hit the gym all the time but still look plump as a melon and seem all squeezed out of energy? And then again there are those with a body worth dying for, energetic and fresh even at the end of the day. If both these groups train their body at the gym, how come they are so different? Well, it’s quite simple actually. The latter always set goals for their fitness.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” – Brian Tracy

Are you thinking now that this is all nerd talk? Then this is perhaps exactly what you need to read. Most newbies enter the gym, all pumped up in their head, only to later slip out and back into their fries, cola and burger circle where any thought of the gym soon gets shoved out of their heads. Many times, people join the gym with better intentions and stronger discipline, yet when the results take too long to come, they too lose patience and soon quit.

For those struggling to get the results they expect from a gym, ‘Goal Setting’ is the mantra of those who get the most efficient results from their workout. They don’t just get great fitness results out of thin air. It is the outcome of planning, setting and then working their ass out on their desired fitness goals.

But, of course, goal setting is not a simple 2-second job. There’s a good reason it is considered a nerdy business after all. You need to put some thought and effort into defining your goals, building a game-plan and then sticking to the plan. If you wish to reach top-notch fitness levels, then here are my 2 cents on how to go about setting fitness goals.

First Of All, Be Realistic.

If you’re fairly new to the gym, have a full-time job, family and other commitments, then don’t dream of becoming Mr Olympia by the end of the month, or year even! Be honest, be realistic. Blindly shooting for the stars will only set you up for failure. Realistic goals, on the other hand, increase your chances of staying on the right track and reaching those goals.

Do you play a sport and want to double your endurance and stamina levels? Want to fit into those pants from last summer? Good. Those are realistic goals, and these are the kinds that you can actually reach.

Know Exactly What You Want.

Being specific about your goals is the trick to achieving them. Just aiming to lose weight will get you nowhere. Exactly how much weight do you want to lose? It is easy to lose your way and your drive when you are vague about your goals. But numbers don’t lie, and there’s no better motivator than actually hitting those numbers.

Break Bigger Goals Into Smaller & Easier To Achieve Actions.

Successful bodybuilders don’t get to where they are by bench-pressing 400 pounds right from day one at the gym. Expecting to complete such Herculean tasks from the start is bound to demotivate you out of the gym or worse still, cause serious injuries. If you’ve already been feeling a bit down after your recent gym sessions, check out these Overtraining Symptoms before it’s too late

“The​ ​man​ ​who​ ​moves​ ​a​ ​mountain​ ​begins​ ​by​ ​carrying​ ​away​ ​small​ ​stones” – Confucius

The secret to achieving your goals is to break them down into smaller actions that you complete with relative ease. So if your ultimate goal is to complete a full marathon in six months, then you better start by aiming for a mile every day. Increase it to 3 miles in a few days, then 5, 10 and so on progressively. Very soon, you’d have hit the 26 miles milestone. It is the little success that motivates you towards the bigger success.

Smart Goals for Weight Loss

Consistency Is Fundamental To Fitness

All great achievements are a test of one’s will, dedication and commitment to the cause. Ask any successful athlete or professional bodybuilder worth his (or her) salt, and they will all attest to the importance of consistency. Don’t let the mundane activities of everyday life distract you from your path to fulfilling your fitness dreams. You can always make time if you prioritise and fitness should most definitely be a top priority. In case of unavoidable circumstances, make the best use of the space that is available – try the stairs instead of the elevator for instance. When you make them a part of daily routine, fitness activities begin to come to you more effortlessly. Such consistency will put you on the fast-track to reaching your fitness goals.

Add Monetary Value To Daily Fitness Training

As a professional fitness trainer, I have often noticed that people who pay for my services, tend to show up much more consistently at the gym those who have simply paid for the gym membership. Sure, joining the gym is an important first step, and it costs you money already. But going that extra mile and shelling out some of that hard-earned cash of yours, for a personal trainer, makes it much more likely that you’ll be breaking-sweat at the gym instead of watching ‘Game of Thrones’ on your couch.

Make It Enjoyable

Working out does not have to be a drag. Although discipline is essential for fitness, repeating the same routine week after week can wear down all the initial excitement of your fitness goals.

Variety is the spice of life. That is the trick to keep your fire burning.

Fitness isn’t just about dumbbells and treadmills. There are plenty of activities outside the gym that can help burn your calories and strengthen those muscles. If you’re in Phuket, how about checking out one of those Muay Thai gyms, or some Crossfit, mix it up with some HIIT Training, join one of my TRX Classes or play some beach volleyball or maybe take a few dancing classes? If you look around, the choices are endless. So don’t be shy and go find what else rocks your boat

Never Lose Sight Of Your Progress – WRITE IT DOWN!

There are no shortcuts to gaining ultimate fitness levels. It is a long journey that tests your determination, and like any worthwhile endeavour, it is just as easy to lose one’s way, if you don’t keep track. Fitness training is hard work, and you don’t want to end up going in circles. That will only drain all your motivation and may even put you on the way to quitting the gym altogether.

To ensure you are on the right path to your fitness goals, record all your training activities. Which muscle group did you work on today? How much did you lift? How many sets and reps? And so on. Then when you come back later the next week, you will know exactly where you stand and how much progress you’ve made. It will also serve as a warning, in case you’re doing something wrong. Writing it down reinforces your commitment and acts as a motivation booster every time you make progress.

Keep The Fire Burning

Setting goals are by far one of the best and the simplest way to monitor, measure and improve your rank on the fitness scale. Having established specific goals ensures you stay on the right track. Making those ticks every time to reach a milestone will build your confidence and fill you with a sense of achievement that will fuel your drive to reach the next milestone.

If you think about it, setting goals makes quite a lot of sense, doesn’t it? It’s something we do in all the major areas of our life. Be it your career or your love interest, setting the right goal is what gets you your prize. When it comes to fitness training, whether you are new to the game, a seasoned quitter or if your motivation is starting to run downhill – setting goals will help turn the tide and put you back on the right path to a fab fitness future. Don’t forget to share the article so those lazy gym buddies of yours can get back on track! And if your looking to kick start your mission to be a better version of you… Then consider joining me for my Fitness & Yoga Holiday Program.

Krix Luther


Krix Luther is a Health and Fitness Specialist and one of Asia’s leading Personal Trainers. He is an Ex Professional Muay Thai fighter and Avid Free Diver. At the same time, he is very active, has a passion for gaming, and has his own Twitch stream. You can contact him via his Instagram if you have any questions.

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