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Twitch Schedule:

Mon 10pm CST Time

Wed 10pm CST Time

Fri 10pM CST Time

Tue 10am Thai Time

Thu 10am Thai Time

Sat 10am Thai Time

Tue 4am UK Time

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Sat 4am UK Time

Tue 1pm Aussie CST

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Krix-Twitch Streaming-Set-Up

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is a streaming platform for gamers. Despite Krix being a very active guy, he has had a huge passion for gaming his entire life. Being as entrepreneurial as he is, he even runs/owns the biggest 7 Days To Die servers in the world. He is a big fan of playing and streaming post-apocalyptic survival games, first-person shooters and anything with Zombies in it. He also founded the Xentoza Twitch course and stream team. If you know Krix for his fitness or Muay Thai background then come and join him on his live streams and say “Hello”


Force Krix To Exercise on stream

You can make Krix do push-ups, that’s right. If you are not familiar with Twitch, there are certain ways Krix can earn money via his streams. One of which is called “Twitch Bits”. You can buy these Bits through the Twitch website. For every 1,000 Twitch Bits he gets, he does 10 pushups. For every new subscriber he gets, he will do 10 push-ups. So if you are an Ex personal training client of his and you want to get revenge for all those times he made you suffer. Then here is your chance. 


Subscribe:  When you subscribe to Krix’s Twitch channel you get a variety of benefits. Firstly his appreciation for you supporting something he loves doing. But you also get VIP status in his Fitness Discord that gives you access to exclusive content and the VIP chat channel.

*all payments are done through Twitch whom which have a no refund policy 

What Does All This Mean?

Subscriber Perks

Access To Sub Only Chat

Sometimes when the Twitch chat gets too busy or Krix is doing a special Q&A. The moderators will enable Sub only chat, which means only Subscribers of his Twitch will be able to talk with him directly.

VIP Status on Discord

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Impervious To Slow Mode

When there is a lot of chatter on Twitch, the mods will turn on “Slow Mode” which will mean people can only send one message every 10 seconds. As a Twitch Subscriber, you will not be affected by this. 

Subscribers Emotes

Emotes are like little emojis you can use in Twitch Chat. Krix has some custom ones made that are Personal to him. You can use these super cool emotes, not just on him. But on any Streams Twitch chat.

No Twitch Ads

Twitch will put adverts at the beginning of every stream Krix does. Also, when Krix steps away from the computer for whatever reason, the moderators will run a Twitch ad. As a subscriber to Krix’s Twitch, you will never see these advertisements. Enabling a pleasant ad-free experience.

Join Krix on stream

Krix will sometimes play games that require multiple people, like Warzone or Among Us. He will ask his subscribers if they want to join him. He will give Priority to the Tier 3 Subs first followers by Tier 2 and Tier 1.

Stream Points Multiplier

Stream Points are something you collected over time whilst watch Krix’s streams. You can then spend these points on his channel to active a variety of events. For example, you can change the colour of the lights in Krix’s Room whilst he is streaming via the Stream Points. You can make him do Push-ups, hold a 30 seconds plank, remind him to hydrate, stretch etc

A normal person could earn 220 points an hour. However, a Tier 1 sub would have a 20% multiplier. Tier 2 would get 40% and a Tier 3 Subscriber would get a 100% multiplier (double). 


Krix’s Twitch Moderators

Teamwork makes the dream work. Sometimes chat can be a bit hectic or things need doing that may have slipped Krix’s mind and these guys are there to help out. These guys moderate Krix’s Twitch page, run commands, delete toxic messages, ban spammers etc. Some of them stream themselves so you should go check them out. But big thank you and shoutout to these awesome people,




Amarie has helped Krix with running the Salty Zombies servers for many years. He was the one that convinces her to start streaming and she hasn’t looked back since. She is also known to make him do lots of push-ups via the stream points, since that what he constantly does on her streams.




SaronGas is a legend, super knowlegable on computers and building them from the ground up. He also has helped Krix run Salty Zombies servers for many years now and is an advicer for the Xentoza streamers when it comes to anything hardware related.




Kraag, the myth, the legend, the one and only. The ultimate family man that loves gaming and one of the friendlest and welcoming people you will ever meet. He helps moderate the Krix’s chat and is a master at desculating situations.




Baptizer is Krix’s partner in crime in the Salty Zombies empire. He usually plays along side Krix in the streams and the banter between them has got Krix’s Twitch account banned a few times. Be warned, its not for the easily offended. Baptizer has Mod powers on the stream.

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