The 7 Primal Movements

The 7 Primal Movements? What are they and Where do they come from?

First of all, let’s talk about the incorrect terminology of what people think primal movements are. Most people get the term “primal movements” confused with exercises/movements that are named after animals like the “Rabbit” “Monkey” “Gorilla” etc. These types of movement exercises are known as “Quadrupial movements.” Quad meaning 4 and drupal meaning how we transverse or move across land. So, in essence, its suppose only be animals that move around on 4 limbs. But it seems to have extended into other animals like the Crab, Spider, Scorpion, Catapilla and Worm, which has no legs at all.

Personally, I see how a monkey and gorilla can be considered “primal” to us if you believe in evolution, but the rest of the animals? I actually believe that when Calastetics exploded on the internet, there was a lot of guys who had genetically gifted, symmetrical bodies who hadn’t read a book in their life. Yet they had huge Instagram and/or Youtube channels and spread a lot of misinformation.

The Quaddrupial movements are fun to do and I like them. I use some of them as warm-ups and mobility drills in my fitness classes. But the terminology of calling them “Primal Movements” isn’t correct.

So what are Primal Movements?

The 7 Primal Movements are the natural movement patterns we evolved in doing for our survival. Before the luxury of cars, computers, phones, supermarkets and other technological or social advancements. We had to survive our natural habitat through our physical being.

Back in the day of cavemen and women, we had to walk a great distance to migrate to warmer climates, maybe we had to run very fast to catch our dinner or run away very fast to not be dinner.

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