Top 10 Gifts For Weightlifters

I decided to write this article about the ideal gifts for weightlifters after my previous article “Gifts for a Personal Trainer” went a little viral. I got a lot of private messages on my Instagram specifically asking for ideas and suggestion on what gift would I buy for an inspiring weightlifter.

Just like the other article, I will go in price order. Starting with the cheapest ones that are pretty playful and funny gifts your weightlifter friend will get a smile over. Then I’ll move onto the more expensive ones that tend to be something they will need and use daily. All these depend on the actual person as well, you know them best. so, when you see these weightlifting gift ideas you will know which one will suit them best.

Liquid Chalk

If your friend you are buying this weightlifting gift for goes to a commercial public gym then they might want to try the liquid chalk. A lot of gyms ban the powdered chalk because, well, it gets everywhere and other members complain. The liquid chalk does the same thing as the powdered stuff but without the mess and waste. It also doesn’t transfer onto the bar, so you won’t have white handprints all over the gym equipment. One of my favourite things about it is it works as a disinfectant as well which I think more gyms should enforcing.


Sweat Activated T-Shirt

These are probably one of my favourite T-Shirts to train in. As a weightlifter, we sweat a lot, just because we aren’t doing hours of cardio doesn’t mean we don’t get our sweat on. These t-shirts say one message, but then change to another when you start sweating in them. They are very cool, comfortable and look pretty epic.


Weightlifting for Dummies

This one was the most popular item bought on my “gifts for personal trainers” article but its was the “Personal Training For Dummies” version. Lots of people had bought that for their personal trainer or friend who is a personal trainer, it ended up being quite the commical find. But again with warning, make sure your weightlifting partner has a sence of humor or you might find yourself being weightlifted up in the air. Just incases I added the “Weight lifting for Beginners” book… its less harsh approch to the same joke.

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